The Medicine Wheel



Our Medicine Wheel colors represents different things to different people among us. Some of those include: the four stages in the circle of life, the four skin colors of the world,the four ways of loving God: body, mind, soul, heart. 

The Circle

Many Native American people hold the circle to be sacred—a uniting of spirit and thought. At Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church we are no different, so we worship in a circle with the Spirit Drum at the center. After the drum's call to worship and opening song, we gather for a friendship dance around the drum and singers, inviting all who wish to dance a prayer with us to join hands. Together we create one circle that we may be of one mind, so that with one heart we may speak our prayers of adoration and welcome.

The Dayspring Medicine Wheel painted on the exterior of the Church.

The Dayspring Medicine Wheel painted on the exterior of the Church.

The Cross

Dayspring Native American's Medicine Wheel isn't just resting on the cross, it actually pierces it. This reminds us that our sin, both as individuals and as a people, are the reason for Christ's suffering and death. It also calls us to remember to take up our cross and follow Jesus on a path that won't be easy. It is a warrior's path that requires great strength, perseverance, and endurance—qualities which are found, for us, in Christ. 

The Feathers

The three feathers at the bottom of the circle represent three dynamics by which we develop relationship with Creator and with each other: through our traditions, our spirituality, and our cultures.