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Come as you are

You are welcome here...

We are a Christ-following, Bible-believing faith community that embraces Native American traditional practices as an expression of love, relationship, and connection to Creator—Father, Son, and Spirit.

Within our church those practices include music from the Spirit Drum, worship service celebrated in a circle, and traditional prayers—like smudging and the 4-directions prayer. 

We believe that people of all nations and races are called to be Christ's Church and that it is not necessary to renounce your heritage or ethnicity in order to be Christian. Because our church members represent many different heritages—of both Native and settler ancestries—we do our best to share and respect each other's ways and traditions. 

sunday Services

Potluck at Noon

Come early and enjoy a noon potluck lunch with us in our basement dining hall. Everyone is welcome. If you’re a member, bring a dish to share. If you’re a guest, bring an appetite.

Worship at 1:15pm

When weather permits we start smudging at 1:15 p.m. The Spirit Drum calls us to worship at 1:30 p.m. You don't have to be Native American to attend.

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The Spirit’s Calling

When the Spirit places a Call in your heart, you know it, because it doesn’t let go. What you do with that Call is what counts.

In this short video, Pastor Danira Parra reflects on the Spirit’s Call on her life that guided her from childhood and eventually led her to Dayspring Native American United Methodist Church.

Special Events to put on your calendar.


A Step in Faith

Dick Lower is a founding Member of the Dayspring Fellowship. In his straight-forward and down to earth style, Dick shares a little of Dayspring’s history and casts a vision for a future that will challenge Dayspring for many years to come.