February 12, 2017

2017 Dayspring Council – Minutes and Action Items


  • Gary Cashmer

Meeting Date:

Feb 12, 2017

Meeting Attendees:

  • Danira Parra - Pastor 

  • Heather Armstrong – Recording Secretary

  • Rosalie Hagaman – Store Rep

  • Julie Hoshor – Friends & Fellowship Rep 

  • Bec Land – Lay Leader

  • Linda Lane – Treasurer

  • Tom Stewart – Trustees Chair 

  • Barb Smith – Lay Member to Annual Conference (LMAC) & Drum Liaison


  • Shauna Summers – Pastor Parish Relations Committee (PRRC) Chair

  • Jesse Escobedo – Drum Rep

  • Tawnya Davis – Finance Secretary 

  • Cinda King – Hospitality Manager

  • Juanita Lamberson – Kitchen Manager

  • Breanna Summers – Video Historian


  • Bob King, Deb King, Betty Rech, Ernie Rech

Minutes by:

  • Heather Armstrong – Recording Secretary

Called to Order:

Meeting opened with prayer by Pastor Danira @ 3:07pm

Meeting Closed:


Next Meeting:

Mar. 12, 2017

  • Minutes (Heather)

Minutes from January meeting presented with no changes. Motion to accept by Barb Smith – 2nd by Linda Lane – motion carried.

  • Treasurer Report (Linda)

 Linda presented 2017 budget. Tuesday night group not listed as line item. Pastor Danira will be covering this in her report. Motion to accept Treasurer’s report by Barb Smith – 2nd by Bec Land – motion carried.

  • Trustees Report (Tom) 

Putting signs up about take cover areas. Working on doors in basement to ensure we are meeting building code. Will be adding brackets along ceiling beams to hold the tee-pee poles. Discussed getting driveway tilled and graded. Trailer considered a hazard and needs to be moved – considering moving to FUMC. Looking for volunteers to organize materials in the building so we have an accurate account of what is available and where it is located. 

  • Sunday School (Bec)

Dayspring Wolf Clan has been created (adults & children – anyone can be a part of it). This is to help understand how things are done within native groups or clans. Amanda Hillebrand is the Clan Mother to ensure children’s needs are met and can select a new chief if needed. Bec Land is the Chief. Peacekeepers are those who look at the law and find out how things are run. Children are very interested in learning about cultural practices. 

Sunday school will take on the Fall Family Festival planning – to be held Saturday, Sept 30, 2017 from 4 – 6pm. Bec will help but does not make decisions. Face-painters hired so far. Hot dog donations. Drum has been asked to be involved – waiting on response.

There is a new whiteboard in the classroom and will be looking at working on the garden as the weather continues to warm. Looking at taking time off for the summer – offer activity time instead. 

  • Lay Leader (Bec)

Dick Lower has been asked to mentor and aid in the Native American understanding. This position is very much about communication and understanding what the needs are of each group and then transmit back to the collective group. 

Storybook, Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 10am – 1pm – working with Kevin and the community on this program.  Purchased Girl Scout cookies to serve at this event. 

Kohl’s Action Team – working with Julie and the 5 people volunteer group that helps out at Dayspring. They will be coming during Storybook to help serve food. The group is happy to be helping us out and has offered to assist with the drum. 

  • Store Report (Rosalie)

We have new hats and Navajo flutes for sale in the store. 

  • LMAC & Drum Liason (Barb)

Attended the training at Crossroads church in Washington. Want to create account for the drum. Per Danira, with the church account you must have receipts so there are no debit/credit cards for this account per the Methodist denomination. Motion to create and add new, separate account for the drum with Gary Cashmer and Linda Lane as primary signatories by Barb Smith – 2nd by Julile Hoshor – motion carried.

Barb will be representing at a Voices conference as United Methodist Women Executive Feb 21-26.

  • Pastor’s Report (Danira)

Church needs to raise additional funds in general now that the office room is no longer being rented out. Tuesday group – now being called Friends & Fellowship – is not represented in budget. Friends & Fellowship needs to figure how to raise their own funds. 

Suggested to take line item #15 – change names to Friends & Fellowship and eliminate internet service. (Pastor Danira has been paying internet service already and will continue to take on that financial responsibility as her donation to the church. Therefore we don’t need this line item.) Based on the current $720 funds this will limit the group to up to $60/month. Motion to change line item #15 (Office: Internet Service) to Friends & Fellowship by Barb Smith – 2nd by Julie Hoshor – motion carried.

Request from Kristi MCCormick, current member, to have a birthday party for her one year old daughter at Dayspring on Saturday, March 11 to use the basement room. Typical charge for members to use building is $100. Gary suggested to let her use basement at no charge as the church gift for the birthday. Consensus agreement to allow use of building at no charge. Caution mentioned about setting a precedence on how these requests are handled. 

Ten lighter-weight tables for basement being ordered this week and expected to be delivered end of the week. The heavier circle tables will need to be removed. Consider contacting Habitat Re-Store to pick up the circle tables.

Baby changing stations will be added into both upstairs bathrooms. 

Deb Martin offered to volunteer to clean church (upstairs) every Thursday and she is also interested in becoming a member; this would be her gift to the church. She would need the church code to enter the building – Juanita has also requested code to come in to clean kitchen. Suggested to do background check on anyone needing that access. Code can be changed at any time by pastor. Motion to allow sharing building access code with Deb Martin and Juanita Lamberson made by Bec Land – 2nd by Linda Lane – motion carried. 

New member by letter of transfer effective Feb 11, Gloria Hayungs. She was diagnosed with brain cancer and is approaching the end of her life but wanted to join the church. Our prayers are with her and her family.

Worm ranch is currently at Pastor Danira’s house. They have nearly doubled in size. With another doubling they will be ready for transfer to Dayspring. 

August Eclipse (8/18 – 8/21) @ Little Grassy Lake Campground in Makanda, IL currently has 4 rooms available (4 people per room) at no charge. Primitive campground available. Dayspring is the only presenter at this event. Looking for Native American craft vendors. Logo being completed. Suggested to bring down tee-pees. Consider Dream Catcher Ceramics Arts & Crafts (Kevin Lenz, 309-371-91840) as vendor.

  • PPRC (presented by Pastor Danira on behalf of Shauna)

Job description and location for Toddler’s corner completed. Kristi McCormick will be the Nursery Coordinator. This position falls under responsibility of the Wolf Clan.

  • Friends & Fellowship Report (Julie)

Tuesday Group now being called Friends & Fellowship. 

There were five Native American dishes made this week. Chili cook-off Feb 14 – will have ribbons and a trophy. Starting to make medicine bags for store and regalia bags. Agenda items have been determined through May. 

Would like to do garage sale and use the basement or the pavilion. Julie will speak to Trustees group next week.

Adopted Anne’s Country Cottage. Making washi eggs to bring to Anne’s Country Cottage nursing home residents in Pekin for Easter. 

Would like to go to Cahokia Mounds as a road trip during their craft shows. Julie has made arrangement for us to have a pottery class at no charge. 

  • Kitchen Report (Juanita) 

Not Present. 

  • Hospitality Report (Cinda)

Not present.

  • Video Historian Report (Breanna)

Not present.

  • Spirit Drum Report (Jesse)

Not present.

Motion to adjourn by Barb Smith – 2nd by Julie Hoshor. Meeting adjourned 4:51pm

Action Items

Spirit Drum – Need approval to present at New Ross UMC on July 30



Due By

Mar 12

Friends & Fellowship – speak to Trustees group about using basement/pavilion for garage sale



Due By

Mar 12

Jaime Parra